Documentation handling

Accurate and relevant documentation is critical when transporting goods and cargo domestically or internationally.

The process can be delicate and complicated and when mishandled can create unnecessary and costly bumps in the transportation road for your cargo.

At Nordic Shipping & Logistics we offer to do the hard work for you, and should you need help with arranging your documentation, you can entrust the process to us.

We can handle the entire process, issue the documentation and send you a full set of documents for approval. Once approved, ofcourse we can send all original documents to your client on your behalf.

Please contact us for further discussion on this matter, where we can establish your exact needs and do a tailormade solution which fits your requirements!

If a Letter of Credit is involved in your shipments, you can entrust us to work out the documentation basis the L/C requirements. We are doing this every day and certainly can do on your behalf as well.


At Nordic Shipping & Logistics, we fondly say that we are Scandinavian by blood and African by relation.

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Established in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, we have a global reach and operate in all seven continents.

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