If you are shipping to Africa, several countries require a waiver certificate (also known as a ECTN, BSC, FERI, BESC, BIETC, Loading Certificate etc etc) and a waiver reference included in the bill of landing, in addition to the usual shipping documentation to clear customs.

Nordic Shipping & Logistics are seasoned professionals in the field of issuing waivers and can facilitate the process to ensure your consignment has a smooth transit through customs at its landing destination.

We can arrange your waivers for shipments to all destinations which require the ECTN, below list should be up to date but please contact us as requirements are changing rapidly.

Senegal    Togo    Nigeria    Angola    Cotë d’ivoire    Benin    Cameroun    Burkina Faso    Congo    Dem. Rep. of Congo    Guinea (Conakry)     Mali    Gabon    Madagascar    Burkina Faso    Sierra Leone    Niger


At Nordic Shipping & Logistics, we fondly say that we are Scandinavian by blood and African by relation.

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Established in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, we have a global reach and operate in all seven continents.

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